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Four Horsemen Studios

Mythic Legions All Stars 6 Sir Andrew - PREORDER

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Product Description

Despite his current standing as a formidable magic user, the pyromancer known as Sir Andrew was not always so gifted. After a spell gone wrong claimed the life of his family, the distraught young Andrew was taken in by Jorund Runeshaper and trained to harness his considerable powers in the schools of Ophidionn. Seeking absolution for his greatest mistake, Sir Andrew eventually traveled to Eathyross where he joined the Order. He now leads The Repentant, a band of criminals who fight the undead to atone for past wrongdoings. Sir Andrew’s flames destroy the undead enemy and his fallen allies alike…for what is ash cannot rise again.

This 6-inch scaled, highly articulated Sir Andrew deluxe action figure will come in a collector-friendly blister card, with character-specific packaging details and accessories. 

Product Features

  • 6-inch scale (15.24cm)
  • Made of PVC plastic
  • Highly detailed and articulated
  • Each figure is fully accessorized and ready for battle
  • Collector-friendly blister card packaging

Box Contents

  • Sir Andrew figure
  • Alternate helmeted head
  • 2 Pairs of alternate hands
  • Shield
  • Templar sword with scabbard
  • Large Elf sword
  • Dagger with sheath
  • Belt
  • 2 Special effects pieces