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Mythic Legions Furious Four "Legions Con" Exclusive

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The “Furious Four” LegionsCon set was made available on Day 2 of LegionsCon 2022.

The ”Furious Four” set is a 2-pack which includes two figure bodies and 4 distinct heads, allowing you to create some special characters. These characters include Lord Bushotee the Alpha, Pelvicus, Peteorionn, and Uuwitt – each one based loosely on the members of the MWIGTKM (My Wife is Going to Kill Me) podcast.

In addition to the heads that are part of this set’s main characters, this version includes include two pieces not available in the standard editions – a Fury Clan Jaguallian head and tail! So in the LegionsCon set, you get 2 bodies, 5 heads, 2 tails, 2 swords, a spear, a shield, a staff, 3 sets of feet, 2 red belts, and 2 sets of shoulder pauldrons.